Refund Policy For Sheger Store

We have combined our return policy with our refund policy. Our refund and return policy are different from other platforms, please read it carefully.

You ordered a product but didn’t complete the payment.

Your order will be canceled after 60 minutes automatically or (if you contact us by phone --> 1 day)!

You ordered a product and paid, but the product is NOT shipped yet.

In this case, you can cancel the order, but if there is an extra payment that could be paid for money transfer, you will pay for it.

You ordered a product, paid for it, and shipped. But you want to return the product and get a refund.

This is a very serious issue. We will investigate the issue to make sure if the fault is from your side or the vendor side. If we found a problem from the vendor side, we will return your money (If there is an extra payment that could be paid for money transfer, you will pay for it), and we will warn or even ban the vendor from Sheger Store. But If the problem is from your side, this is a rare case but we will consider this thing as a threat for our vendors and our store, so we will warn you and add you to our blacklist. We will follow your activity, and if we catch you again, you will be banned forever. WHY? It is because we have to protect Sheger Store and vendors.

You ordered a product or service and received it, but if the product is damaged or fails.

This is a rare case, but a serious issue that will make a vendor to get banned forever! So in this case, after a serious investigation and communication with the vendor, you may or NOT get the product or service you purchased. But we give high priority for the buyer in this case.

Thank you for investing your precious time to read our Refund Policy. 🙂