This is a delivery policy for Sheger Store


When you fill your billing and shipping address on our website and use it for your purchases, this means: you allowed us or the vendor to deliver your item to your address. So we will deliver your ordered item to your shipping address according to your order detail. After the delivery, you can give a review as a confirmation, or appreciation of our or the vendor service.

Damaged Items in Transport or Late Delivery

The vendors will their best to deliver your product to your place on time. In the case of an internal problem, we will fix it as soon as possible or if your ordered item is not delivered or late, we will tell the vendor to contact the shipping service provider to solve your issue as soon as possible.

If your shipping information is false, the vendor may or NOT reship your product or service, because it may require the vendor to pay the extra payment for the delivery. So you can reorder again with your accurate address information. You may NOT get a refund or it might take a long time to solve this kind of issue, so before you purchase, make sure your shipping address is correct.

Shipping Costs

The vendor will deliver your product with its own transport or by using a delivery service. So you will get a delivery service for what you have paid only. NO additional payment required after your first payment. So you are NOT required to pay anything after the delivery. But…

ABOUT TIP PAYMENT: You are NOT limited to give tip money for the delivery guy. It is up to you and we don’t have any reason to stop you from doing that. You should also understand that we don’t have any personal relationship with the delivery guy.

Thanks for reading our delivery policy 🙂