Become a vendor

When you become a vendor on Sheger Store, you will have an access to sale your products and services online. Once registered and gets approved, you can start selling.


1560 ETB Per Year

Including 30% TAX

You can sell UP TO 10 Products

What's your benefit as a vendor?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is ShegerStore and Who is behind it? is amulti-vendor marketplace founded in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by Ephrem Firew Asrat. Sheger Store is a project. Read Our About Us page for more information.
What is a vendor?
A vendor is a person or company offering something for sale, especially a trader in the street. So, the one who sells product to customer is basically called vendor. Whereas, the one who supplies goods to a company or provide services to a vendor is supplier. So to be more exact, vendor is last man of supply chain. And supplier is middleman of the supply chain.
In Sheger Store You are a vendor and Sheger Store is a multi-vendor marketplace where you can sale your products and services. So you can consider Sheger Store as your marketing and online sales manager!
What is a multi-vendor marketplace?

A Multi-vendor marketplace is an eCommerce store that is managed by the admin, the store owner. The marketplace owner invites multiple seller (vendors) and allows them to sell their products on a common storefront.

Which products and services are allowed on Sheger Store?

As a vendor on Sheger Store, you are allowed to sell food, beverages, clothes, shoes, crafts, cosmetics, and other easy-to-pickup legal products.

Who will manage my vendor account?

Sheger Store is the one who will fully manage your products, services, and payments made by customers. 

How to withdraw my daily sales money?

As soon as we confirm the order and collect your payments for each order, we will withdraw your daily sales collected payments directly to your bank account (Between 4PM – 6PM Afternoon or the next morning).

How much commission Sheger Store will take from my sale?

NONE! We don’t take any commission. But our platform is based on subscription, so you will have to pay for yearly subscription and start selling your products and services. NOTE: There is NO refund. Once we accept your subscription request, we will consider you like a fixed 1-Year Partner. If you don’t want to continue using our service, you can contact us so we can remove your products and services from Sheger Store., So there is NO refund.

What happens if one of the buyers wants a refund?

We will investigate the issue and if we found any problem in the buyer side, there is NO refund, you will take your payments. but if we found a fault from your side, we will refund all the money to the buyer. And we may ban you from selling your products and services on Sheger Store. IN ESPECIAL CASE: You can tell us to refund, so we will refund the money to the buyer without further investigation.

How to become a vendor on ShegerStore?

To become a vendor on Sheger Store, use the contact form and contact us. We will review your request and contact you back as soon as possible. When we contact you, you can expect a good news or a bad news.

Do you have a special advertising service?

YES WE HAVE! and you are welcome to advertise your products, services, and your entire business with banner and video. So just use the contact form and contact us. We will review your request and contact you back as soon as possible. When we contact you, you can expect a good news or a bad news.


These are required documents In order to start selling on sheger store.
  1. Government Business License and Related Documents.
  2. National ID Card of the Business Owner.
  3. Center of Competency Certificate (For some businesses).
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